Road Transport Images: Spring 2009 quarterly newsletter

19 June 2009
imports_CCGB_rtikits_81818.gif RTI Kits
Michael C Shaw tells Diecast Collector that Road Transport Images’s informative Spring 2009 quarterly newsletter, showing its simple and easy to construct kits, is especially interesting. ...

The latest special kit offer is the stylish 1960s Birds Eye eight-wheel ERF ‘Queen Mary’ (ERF6) at £30, normally £37, complete with transfers, building guide, paint code, detailing tips and vac-form glazing. Also of interest is the Scammell Artic 8 1938-1953 cab at £7 (SCA3) and the TL11 Scammell 26ft chassisless tank trailer at £12. Used by many oil and chemical companies this vehicle is best-known in Shell-BP livery. We can look forward to the issue of the later Highwayman cab in the near future. Also available for  the Scammell tractor unit is the (9CH10) prime mover chassis at £7.50 and (W21) wheel set and axles for use with cab and artic low slung heavy trailer. Also available is the Albion Chieftain 1954 cab (ALB3) and Bedford TM standard 1974 cab (BE7) at £7 each, and the Ford D Series cab Mark II of 1978 complete with vac-form glazing (FOR3a) at £8. Most interesting is the Guy Vixant 1941-46 civilian utility cab (LE6) at £7.00, a limited edition from April to the end of June, similar to the Morris C8 and Canadian Military 4x4 GS Wagon from Chevrolet and Ford, which are not available. Another interesting cab is the Volvo F88 sleeper cab of 1966 onwards (VOL1) at £7, to fit (CH1) and 9CH2) chassis with appropriate wheel sets (CH4).

Transfers for Post Office Telecommunications Engineers Dept (TFR65) are available at £4 for use with the Thre’penny bit Cab Austin (AUS7) and personnel carrier body plus chassis (CH5) and wheel sets (W3). Also available for the first time at £8 per set (TFR66) are six fictional names, trades, towns and telephone numbers for Sand & Ballast, Coal Merchant and Livestock Haulage. To round off, TRF64 is a 30x40mm transfer sheet of radiator or ventilator mesh – ever tried painting this?

RTI will be attending the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Model Show at King Street, Leyland, Lancs on 5 April 2009 and the CVC Show at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, Warks. 13-14 June 2009.

As this is such a complex range of kits, bits, transfers, plus the Road Transport Guild newsletter and info sheets, it is essential to send an SAE to Road Transport Images for further information at 17, Foxdene Road, Seasalter, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4QY.

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