Road Transport Images announce new models in January price list

03 March 2011
imports_CCGB_ley3-t6-riding-ns_30381.jpg Road Transport Images announce new models in January price list
Road Transport Images announced 11 new models in the January price list and newsletter. ...

No less than 11 new models were announced in the January price list and newsletter from Road Transport Images, including some reintroductions that have been completely remastered with much improved fine detailing. Some models include the maker’s badge in transfer form which will be added after painting. These are marked *.

The models are the 1954 AEC Mk III Park Royal ‘tin-front’ cab; 1958 *Albion LAD long door cab with glazing; 1957 BMC Austin WE (shark nose) cab; 1950 Bedford S type cab; 1960 *Bedford TK cab with glazing; 1964 British Leyland Ergomatic with glazing plus a stainless steel etch grille from which an AEC, Albion or Leyland can be finished with incredible fine detail; 1952 Bristol HG6L original BRS cab; 1948 Leyland Comet 75 Briggs cab; and 1954 Scammell artic 8, type MU15MU cab.

Two new bodies are the 15ft Livestock body with Luton head and the 20ft all aluminium platform body.

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A range of white metal accessories have also been added, priced at £2 per pack, including a pack of four 5th wheel plates. A special kit deal on a Bedford S type or Leyland Comet tanker with Esso, Power or Shell-BP transfer options is available until the end of March.

This news story was first published in the April issue of Diecast Collector. To see which issues of Diecast Collector are available to buy online, click here.