Reader responses: Matchbox soap

06 April 2011
imports_CCGB_diecast-may-2011_41138.jpg Reader responses: Matchbox soap
Diecast Collector received a lot of responses to Ron Godbold's letter regarding Matchbox soap and, as it isn't strictly 'diecast' related, the responses are listed here. ...



Green 'Police Range Rover' soap

Whilst reading the January 2011 issue of Diecast Collector I was drawn to the letter from Ron Godbold about soap based on Matchbox 'Superfast' vehicles.

I have, in my collection of model Land Rover products, a green soap 'Police Range Rover'. Mine is still in its cellophane packaging but has the following references printed on it in white:

  • the Matchbox logo
  • 'Made in England' and 'Fabrique en Anglettere'
  • Bellair Cosmetics Plc
  • Savon 1 3/4 ozs


The blue light has not been moulded on the top although the mounting, which would be part of the casting, has been moulded.

I bought this model for the princely sum of 25p from my local Superdrug store, but alas the date I cannot remember. It still has the price label attached, though.

I hope this letter will help shed some light on this subject.

Barry Hadley, Birmingham


Three Matchbox Londoner soap

I read with interest the letter from Ron Godbold in the January edition of Diecast Collector and, having rummaged in my collection of sundry items, was able to locate three Matchbox Londoner models made with soap; one each in yellow, blue and red. The blue one has been assaulted by a mouse, it would appear, and the red one has slight damage, possibly due to the same reason. The yellow version is perfect.

The three are still wrapped and the Carnaby Street advert is clearly visible on one side of the red and yellow ones. The wrapper carries the Matchbox trade mark and also the legend that they were manufactured in England by Bellair Cosmetics Plc.

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The price label applied by the now unknown retailer is 39p.

I hope that this is of interest.

Graham Westcott, Southampton


Matchbox soap Transporter

Further to Ron Godbold's letter I can supply the following to fill in any gaps.

Three soaps in a 'Matchbox soap Transporter' window box. In a mainly yellow box it is stamped '1739' on the inside flap and has Reg No 'ABC 1234'. It has a tractor unit graphic reminiscent of the older 'square' Renault.

On the rear of the box is:

  • 3 soaps 50g, each
  • Matchbox is the registered trademark of Lesney Products Plc, London, England
  • Copyright 1982 Lesney Products Plc
  • Made under license by Bellair Cosmetics Plc, Winsford, Cheshire


Soaps in a clear plastic formed insert:

  • Blaze Buster fire engine (red) as per Ron's letter
  • Range Rover (yellow) with 'Police' on bonnet and 'Matchbox copyright Lesney Products' on base. Moulded radar dome/flasher on roof
  • Porsche car (blue) with 'Porsche' badge on bonnet and Reg No on rear 'MMMBOW'. 'Matchbox copyright Lesney Products' on base - I purchased this item in 1996 at a Bristol swapmeet


I hope this may be of some use.

Tony Witcomb, Weston-super-Mare