Premium Collectable Models move into new showrooms

17 July 2009
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Premium Collectable Models has moved into new showrooms in Bishop’s Cleeve, near Cheltenham, after more than three years in business. ...
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Premium Collectable Models has moved into new showrooms in Bishop’s Cleeve, near Cheltenham, after more than three years in business.

The company is still specialising in top quality truck models, nearly all of which are commissioned by transport operators, with a proportion available to collectors.

Steve Maguire, who runs PCM, says that the small numbers produced mean that values stay high, justifying the initial price. All PCM models have an individually numbered certificate. The company has increasingly turned to WSI Models, a Dutch company, run by ex-Tema Toys managers, although some are still produced by Lion Toys. All the models are designed in Holland and made in China. There is usually a fast turn-round, as little as three months. A big plus is that all the models are available with right hand drive, as well as being very well-detailed and finished. Details from WSI include ‘super-singles’ on the front axle, different steer and drive axle tyre treads and hollow ends to the exhaust pipes.

Steve says that Ireland is a growing market, where PCM is dealing with a number of big transport companies, with orders for thousands of models this year. He says the companies usually sell the models themselves, so they are looking for better quality and exclusive products, although smaller 1/87 scale models are also produced as give-aways. A few companies want all the models produced, but PCM usually has some available for collectors.

In addition, Steve says he spots vehicles on the road – “if we made that, would it sell?” He is always looking for something different. As an example, Steve is trying to supply items of plant as loads for the low loaders.

Premium Collectable Models Recent introductions by WSI have included walking floor and ‘trombone’ flat trailers. A new casting can be produced if there are 2000 models ordered. On the way are Scania 141, 142 and 143 tractor units in various 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 configurations of which the pre-production resins look good, while the Volvo F10/12 could follow. Steve already has orders for the 143 from companies as an alternative to new trucks.

As well as the liveried models, British-spec tractor units, with right hand drive and side-skirts as appropriate, including Scania, Volvo, Daf and Iveco, in plain white with blue chassis are available. PCM produces spares, spotlights, bars and so on, to customise your own models.

All of the company’s models have sold out. Take the McBurney Scania, the company took the first 100 and the other 200 sold out in three weeks. Other recent models include the Outdoor Services DAF with Colin McRea graphics. The first of the 400 produced was auctioned on the internet for charity. A model has also been made of one of Steve’s own vehicles when he was previously in the transport business as Maguire’s of Cheltenham, a Scania R Series 6 x 2 with a bulk tank trailer, which worked out of Liverpool.

An ‘Ice Road Trucker’s' unit is also on the way. The real vehicle and driver are booked to appear at Truckfest.

The models are now available through a number of dealers, including Diecast Hobby Shop in Holland, with which PCM has a reciprocal agreement. This means that at least 200 of each model can be made, which keeps prices down.

There is a gallery of all the previously-produced models – most of which are now sold out – on the PCM website, while the company can be seen at many toyfairs and truck shows, including in Ireland, as well as at the showroom.

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For further details, contact PCM at 4a Jesswind Place, Malvern View Business Park, Stella Way, Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham, Gloucs. GL52 7DQ, telephone 01242 677577 or