Pete Barrow restoration special

19 June 2009
imports_CCGB_petefarrowsrestoration_81943.gif Pete Farrow's restorations
We present an insight into Pete Farrow's restorations and conversions including a French Dinky Toys No 887 Unic tanker. ...

Pete Barrow has recently restored a French Dinky Toys No 887 Unic tanker – a type of model in which he specialises. He says the man he got it from told him he originally bought it in Holland in 1962 and, as you will see, it looked like it had been round the world a time or two... there were paper signs stuck to it and a skull and cross bones on the front of the tank, put on with a marker pen. Pete took pictures of the model before he stripped it down to its component parts, as well as the finished article. The model was originally fitted with lights, which didn’t work, while many fittings like the ladders were missing and the spare wheel, which was supposed to switch the lights on and off, was broken. As nobody makes any spares for this model, Pete had to improvise to some extent.

A friend rang Pete to say he had been up in the attic and found a box of Dinky Toys did Pete want them. Most were in a shocking state, but a Dinky Supertoys Horse Box took his fancy, so he restored it, taking some pictures before, during and after. Here they are and we think they look great. Pete has added some figures inside as well, which bring the model to life.

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