Over The Top With William Britain

10 July 2012
imports_CCGB_23026lr_08302.jpg Over The Top With William Britain
‘If any man tells you he went over the top and he wasn’t scared he was a damn liar!’ ?Harry Patch, the last surviving fighting Tommy. ...
Over The Top With William Britain Images

W Britain, William Britain, WB or simply Britains, no matter what it gets called the name is synonymous with toy soldiers. 1893 saw the first W Britain toy soldiers and it has been producing models every year since then, moving from simple but charming toy soldiers to sophisticated military miniatures with outstanding attention to detail and authenticity. Each 1/32 scale (54mm/2.25" tall) figure is cast out of metal and hand-painted to the highest possible standards.

Most major military periods and uniforms are covered, from the Knights of Agincourt, the American Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars to the American Civil War and up to World Wars I and II. It seems that whatever your age W Britain has the troops for your army and all you have to do is supply the imagination.

                                   Stretcher Bearer Set No. 1 - three piece limited edition, 600 sets

New WWI Range
A couple of years back, WB launched a new WWI range, covering the opening shots of the war. I have these models in my collection, as I consider them among the finest ever made for the period. This year sees a return to the conflict in a big way. There are several new figure sets as one would expect, but also some exciting new accessories.

British 2nd Lt Leading the Charge and Falling Wounded No. 1

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More New WWI Releases
The new releases focus on the theme of ‘Over The Top’, that spine chilling moment on the Somme in 1916, after the shrill blast of the officers’ whistles, British soldiers left the comparative safety of their trenches to assault the enemy lines. W Britain’s new figures really do capture the drama of that moment, as weighed down by their assault weapons and kit they begin to advance across No-Man’s-Land.

Coming Over the Top and Corporal No. 1

Not only are there figures for that exact moment but also splendidly detailed trench sections on which to stage it. These diorama pieces depict the mud and water of the front line in all its terrible squalor.

W Britain Ltd c/o Bachmann Europe Plc, Unit 18 Moat Way, Barwell, Leicestershire, LE9 8EY, UK; 44 (0) 1455 841756; [email protected]; www.wbritain.com.