Nicely Decked Out with Vintage Dinky

17 May 2012
imports_CCGB_dinkybus_05464.jpg Nicely Decked Out with Vintage Dinky
Roger Bailey Looks Back at Dinky's Atlas Kenebrake Bus. ...

The model was based on the 948cc Standard Atlas Kenebrake 12 seater built by the Kenex company, who would take delivery of the normal Standard Atlas panel van and apply the necessary conversions. The original engine and running gear came from the 1954-60 Standard Ten/Standard Pennant with the later 1670cc engine from the 1957-61 Standard Ensign, followed by a 2138cc engine.

The toy itself was announced in the May 1960 issue of the Meccano Magazine, which also carried an advert on the back page. Its catalogue number was 295 and the model initially appeared in a blue and grey livery. An all-over light blue variant was later added. With fierce competition from Corgi and the added details you always found on their models, Dinky made sure this new miniature vehicle certainly looked good –  it came with interior seat details in red, plus was one of the first vehicles to come with plastic windows. Exterior details included steps on the nearside and at the rear. It also had suspension, giving it a lot more play value than many of the previous produced miniature vehicles.

 Production lasted from 1960 to 1964, quite a short life for what seemed like a very attractive item. Not only was it sold as a separate item in the later red and yellow box, but towards the end of its production life, it also appeared as one of six items in Touring Gift set, No 122, which was produced for no more than a year. The other five were Rambler Station Wagon and caravan, Jaguar 3.4, Healey Sports Boat on trailer and AA Motorcycle Patrol.

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 A few years later, it appeared in India as part of the Nicky range of diecast toys, along with a number of other Dinky vehicles. There are many colour variations, but one example, as featured in the photograph, is the blue version, looking very similar to the Dinky example with the only difference really being in the quality of the finished product.

This is an extract from an article in the June 2012 issue of Diecast Collector. To read more about other Dinky buses, order your copy and see what other issues are available by clicking here.