News from Exclusive First Editions - Showbus event

01 March 2011
imports_CCGB_diecast-april-2011_30193.jpg News from Exclusive First Editions - Showbus event
Frank Joyce, of Exclusive First Editions, explains the decision to withdraw sponsorship from Showbus. ...

“All good things come to an end and after 15 years supporting and helping develop Showbus it gives me no pleasure to announce that, as a major sponsor of the Showbus Rally, irreconcilable differences have developed between ourselves and the Showbus committee which have forced us to withdraw our sponsorship of the rally. Therefore, we will not be supporting or attending this year’s Showbus Rally.

“The reason for this decision is because the Showbus committee are changing the way the rally is structured and this change goes against our principle of supporting and contributing to museums and rallies which are run by enthusiasts for the enjoyment of enthusiasts and the general public.

“We do, however, appreciate that this decision will cause disappointment to the many bus and model enthusiasts that enjoy meeting with us and we are looking at what options are available to enable us to continue displaying our models and meeting enthusiasts at other events across the country. When we have any news regarding this we will advise what new arrangements we have made.”

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- Exclusive First Editions

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