New upgrade service for old clockwork trains

22 September 2010
imports_CCGB_aclockworktrainandthe_01629.gif A clockwork train and the electric upgrade mechanism
Toys of the Past have created a modern electric replacement mechanism for clockwork O gauge Hornby trains. ...

You can breathe new life into your old clockwork O gauge Hornby trains with an innovative upgrade service from Toys of the Past, who has created a modern electric replacement mechanism.

Larry Peacock of Toys of the Past says: “The real beauty of my upgrades is that no alterations are made to the loco bodies in any way and it is a simple matter to convert them back to the original clockwork chassis. The authenticity and collectability of the locos are therefore fully preserved.”

The upgrade consists of a modified electric DC12 to16 volt, 3-rail power unit, custom-designed axles and reproduction Hornby wheels, plus adjustable height fixing brackets. Coupling and piston rods are also fitted, if required, and additional weight is incorporated between the front axle and the drive motor to increase traction. Each unit is then thoroughly tested prior to dispatch.

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Mechanisms are currently available for the Hornby ‘Zulu’, M3, No 0, No 1, No 40, No 50, No 51, No 501 and No101 pre- and post-war locomotives. Prices vary according to type and the amount of work required, but typically start at around £155 plus postage.