New model releases from Oxford Diecast

09 March 2021
Rick Wilson details the company’s new product announcements.

With the past 12 months having been a totally different experience, any preview days that we would usually attend have, of course, been out of the question. So for the reveal of its new announcements for 2021, Oxford Diecast turned to social media.

The company also regularly sends out its own mini-magazine, called Globe, to keep its subscribers up to date with all the imminent releases. In Globe No 251, Managing Director, Eloise Davies, introduced that issue with an explanation of recent events and experiences.

"January is usually a remarkably busy period after I return from a relaxing Christmas. We are usually gearing up for the Trade Shows in London and Nuremberg. We make our announcements for the first period of the year for Oxford Diecast and Oxford Rail. We then take this information and promote it along with other previously announced items to our worldwide retailers and wholesalers who visit the shows. I usually return from the shows with a buzz of excitement after having strengthened working relationships with customers and licensing agencies. It is an opportunity to discuss what we have coming and potential opportunities for the future.

"Instead of dwelling on what could be, we are working behind the scenes on other projects, which we are confident will improve Oxford Diecast as a company. We also continue to develop products and tooling for some exciting releases over the course of 2021.

"Due to Covid-19, we, as well as many other companies, are now facing the knock-on effects. There are huge delays in the ports and significant increase in costs to import goods. We made the decision before Christmas to not make any rushed decisions, but we still await better news."

Despite continuing to trade in uncertain times, Oxford continues to invest in new tooling. Two such exciting future releases, both 1/76 scale, are the Alexander M Type, in the Oxford Omnibus range, and Liebherr's LTM1350 Crane. Both of these aren't due until Q4, so let's hope things improve by then to make sure they arrive on time.

In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy the following models.

Bedford CF Ice Cream Van - Jordans
REF: 43CF004  SCALE: 1/43  DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £16.95

Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Van - Tonibell
REF: 43WM009.  SCALE: 1/43  DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £16.95

Mercedes Sprinter Van Royal Mail
REF: 76MSV003.  SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £7.95

Stobart Group 5 Piece Van Set
REF: 76SET73  SCALE: 1/76  DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £33.95

Mobile Trailer - M. Manze Jellied Eels
REF: 76TR018   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £11.96

Scania 143 40ft Fridge Trailer - William Armstrong    
REF: 76S143005   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £23.95

Scammell LD55 Dumper Truck - NCB
REF: 76ACD002   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q4/2021   PRICE:  £21.95

Yellow/Black AEC 690 Concrete Mixer
REF: 76ACM002   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q4/2021   PRICE: £21.95

 Liebherr LTM1350 Crane (new tooling)
REF: 76LTM001   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q4/2021   PRICE: £44.95

Alexander M Type - Scottish (new tooling)
REF: 76AMT001   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q4/2021   PRICE: £21.95

Irizar i6 - City Link Air
REF: 76IR6006  SCALE:  1/76  DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £24.95

Leyland Royal Tiger - North Western
REF: NLRT007  SCALE: 1/48  DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £8.95

Land Rover Lightweight - RAF Police, Akrotiri 
REF: 43LRL010  SCALE: 1/43  DUE: Q2/2021  PRICE: £16.95

Austin Champ - Royal Military Police, Berlin 1954/5 
REF: 76AC003   SCALE: 1/76  DUE:  Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

AEC Matador - RAF Tripoli, Libya Desert Rescue Team 
REF: 76AEC020   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £12.95

Diamond T Tank Transporter/Trailer - US Army
REF: 76DT007   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £26.95

Land Rover FC - 4th Armoured Brigade, Operation Granby 1990/91 
REF: 76LRFCS003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE:  Q2/2021   PRICE: £10.95

Bedford RL - RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue (new tooling)
REF: 76RL001   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q3/2021   PRICE: £13.95

Messerschmitt KR200 Bubble Top - Black
REF: 18MBC007   SCALE: 1/18   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £29.95

Ford Cortina Crayford (Open) - Dragoon Red
REF: 43CCC003   SCALE: 1/43   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £25.95

Jaguar MkIX Imperial - Maroon
REF:  43JAG9005   SCALE: 1/43   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £23.95

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Austin Ruby - Ash Grey
REF: 43RUB005   SCALE: 1/43   DUE: Q4/2021   PRICE: £19.95

Ford Anglia - Spruce Green
REF: 76105010   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.95

Ford Cortina MkII - Blue Mink
REF: 76COR2009   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.95

Jaguar E Pace - Santorini Black
REF: 76JEP003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q3/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Jaguar I Pace - Corris Grey
REF: 76JIP003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Morris Marina - Teal Blue
REF: 76MAR006   SCALE: 1/76   DUE:  Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.95

Mini 1275GT - Teal Blue
REF: 76MINGT006   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.75

New Defender 110 Explorer - Santorini Black
REF: 76ND110002   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £7.95

New Defender 110X - Eiger Grey
REF: 76ND110X002   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £7.95

New Defender 90 - Tasman Blue
REF: 76ND90002   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £7.95

F, E & I Pace 3 Piece Jaguar Set
REF: 76SET75   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £19.95

VW T25 Bus - Pastel White
REF: 76T25010   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.95

Audi TT Coupe - Floret Silver
REF: 76TT003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.45

Chevrolet Nomad 1957 - Colonial Cream/Onyx Black
REF: 87CN57007   SCALE: 1/87.   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Chevrolet Stepside Pick Up 1965 - Yellow
REF: 87CP65007   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q3/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Dodge Charger 1968 - Yellow/Black
REF: 87DC68004   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Dodge Charger Daytona 1969 - Bright Blue
REF: 87DD69004   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Dodge D100 Sweptside Pick Up 1957 - Omaha Orange/Jewel Black
REF: 87DP57004   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q3/2021   PRICE: £6.95

DeSoto Suburban 1946-1948 - Butterfly Blue/Crystal Gray
REF: 87DS46004   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Lincoln Continental 1941 - Black/Tan
REF: 87LC41006   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Mercury Coupe 1949 Hot Rod
REF: 87ME49009   SCALE: 1/87   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Messerschmitt Bf108 - Duxford 
REF: AC107   SCALE: 1/72   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £14.95

Arado 196 - Bordflieger Staffel, Bismarck 1941
REF: AC108   SCALE: 1/72   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £16.95

Douglas Dauntless - VMSB-233 Sister Guadalcanal 1943
REF: AC110   SCALE: 1/72   DUE: Q3/2021   PRICE: £14.95

Fowler B5 Crane - 8920 The Great North
REF: 76FCR003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £17.95

Ford Transit Custom - RAC
REF: 76CUS003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £6.95

Mini Van - West Mercia Police (Panda)
REF: 76MV034   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £5.45

Aveling & Porter Road Roller - 11496 Cumbria Lady
REF: 76APR003   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £16.95

ERF EC Box Trailer - Gerry Cottles Circus
REF: 76EC004SCALE: 1/76 DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £24.95

Austin K8 Threeway Van - Coca-Cola
REF: 76AK018CC   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE:  £6.25

BMC Mobile Unit - Coca-Cola
REF:  76BMC005CC   SCALE: 1/76   DUE: Q2/2021   PRICE: £16.45