New diecast model: Trax Falcon from Top Gear of Australia

26 July 2010
imports_CCGB_thetraxfalconfromtop_93974.gif The Trax Falcon from Top Gear of Australia
A new diecast model has been released by Top Gear of Australia: the 1979 Ford XD Falcon Sedan. ...

Top Gear of Australia has announced the latest new model in its Trax 1/43 scale Aussie Motoring series. It is the 1979 Ford XD Falcon Sedan, following on from the XD Falcon pick-up and panel van introduced last year. The 1979 Falcon was smaller than the previous XC model, but was still roomy inside and was extremely popular with families, and was also in demand as a taxi. The body styling was based on the European Ford Granada, although it was much more rugged and powerful to cope with tough Australian roads.

Trax has produced the first ever model of an XD Falcon in two versions; Burnt Orange with a tan interior, and Oxford Blue with a grey interior. An excellent model, it is a must for all Ford enthusiasts, and may be of interest to British collectors due to it being the closest available model of a Ford Granada.

Priced at A$42.95, it is only available directly from Top Gear via its website:

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