Movember: Collectables with Moustaches

16 November 2012
imports_CCGB_zeb_30336.jpg Movember: Collectables with Moustaches
With Collectors Gazette editor Rob Burman currently doing his bit for Movember, he looks at some unusual moustachioed collectables. ...
Movember: Collectables with Moustaches Images

If you've been out and about recently, you may have noticed some men (hopefully no women) sporting rather terrible facial hair. Up and down the country there are potentially thin and whispy hairs encroaching across the upper lips of bemused looking blokes who try to avoid your eyes as you stare at their peculiar hairy offerings... so what are they doing? No, they're not mimicking Bruce Forsyth who is back on our screens with Strictly Come Dancing, they're actually taking part in a charity event called Movember.

Originally started in 2004, Movember sees men being encouraged to unleash their moustache in order to raise money for prostate cancer research and treatment, along with other men's health isuses. Currently Collectors Gazette editor Rob Burman is trying his hardest not to look like a member of the YMCA with a large facial feature known as a 'trucker'. So, all this got us thinking about some collectables that also sport a 'lip warmer' and we were surprised to see a number of models, toys and other collectables that are clearly supporting Movember and remember, if you would like to give to a good cause, head to the Movember website. Also, thanks very much to Vectis for supplying the images.

Schuco Charlie Chapin

Well, this certainly seems like a good place to start and this clockwork figure is sporting a fine moustache. The rumour that Charlie Chaplin was the first man to have a moustache isn't true but we're reliably informed he was the first man to combine a moustache with a bowler hat. Of course nowadays, the 'Chaplin' isn't a very popular moustache after the style was ruined by a certain German dictator but this collectable will forever display a fine example and who can blame him?!

Corgi Comics Dick Dastardly Racing Car No. 809

Arguably Dick Dastardly has the most famous cartoon moustache in existence. The style resembles that of a classic black and white movie villain, who would often be seen tying a damsel in distress to some railway tracks, or perhaps an evil hypnotist. Having this kind of moustache in real-life would certainly cause you problems at both work and in social circles because it's unlikely they would ever trust you. They would just be expecting you to start cackling all the time, which would halt all conversation. This style is certainly best left to Dick.

Schuco Clockwork Bavarian Old Gentleman with Stein

The people at Schuco clearly loved a moustache and this is a truly magnificent example that almost completely obscures the top lip. What's more, the cheerful gentleman is clearly a daring fellow who is about to take a large swig of frothy beer knowing full well he's likely to get the white creamy head all over his 'tache. This is the kind of large hairy nose hider that is so big you could probably lose a sandwich in it, if you weren't careful. Schuco, we salute you!

Timpo Solids - Mounted Buffalo Bill with Lasso

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Do you know why Buffalo Bill was called Buffalo Bill? Because it's said his striking blone moustache could stop a charging buffalo at 50 paces. As such, Timpo much have drafted in the moustache experts to carefully carve this fine beast into plastic for all to see. The blonde face fungus is often a rare beast but Bill doesn't care, the model shows him punching his arm into the air to celebrate his fantastic nose neighbour as he dares other cowboys to mock his moustache.

Palitoy Action Adventurer

Action man has really let himself down here by letting his moustache develop into a beard. We're going to assume that before heading out on his adventure to a local toy fair, he was distracted by a car boot sale selling cheap Dinky toys and got lost in the empty field once everyone had left. Thus he's been wandering the streets for weeks, clutching his rare Dinky but failing to keep control of his beard which has overtaken his face. A lesson to all moustache growers not to grow complacent. Be vigilent everyone.

Matchbox Convoy Series Pre-production Kenworth Articulated Truck - Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 2

For younger people, videogame star Mario is probably their first experience of a moustache. He teaches them that the lip decoration is nothing to be feared and can actually often help in missions to rescue princesses and the like. Here his 'tache is emblazoned across the side of a bright yellow truck and, to be honest, we're disappointed that the front of the lorry hasn't also been given a 'motorstache' - it seems like a missed opportunity here.

Pelham Puppet Magic Roundabout Zebedee

However, without a shadow of a doubt, the winner of the collectable with the greatest moustache is certainly Zebedee. It's not only having a spring for legs that puts a spring into Zebedee's step, it's actually the fact that every morning he wakes up and stares at that heroic monster of a moustache. It's always perfectly trimmed and shoots skyward at a perfect angle. What's more, you never see it wobbling about while Zebedee bounces around under the pretense of helping Dougal when actually he just wants to show off his wonderful tickler. Zebedee is an inspiration to all those currently growing a moustache for Movember, showing that with hard work and about 20 cans of hairyspray, you too can have a majestic mo' for all to see.

And remember, please head over to the Movember website to learn more about the charity and donate too - it's all for a good cause!