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01 October 2012
imports_CCGB_efesnewadditionbrist_25133.gif EFE's new addition, Bristol VRT 'Eastern National'
New models just released by Exclusive First Editions ...

Exclusive First Editions has recently announced some new models that we are sure will be of great interest to bus collectors. Not previously reviewed is EFE’s newest Bristol VRT ‘Eastern National’ (Ref: 38103) which is now released. Fleet No SD 3001 and registered CPU 980G is working route X10 to London Kings Cross and the 1/76 scale bus comes with an RRP of £30.50.

Also out now and seen in our latest issue of Diecast Collector are the following 1/76 scale models:

AEC 10T10 ‘London Transport’ bus (Ref: 30007) which comes in a rare plain green livery displaying just a single Chiswick cream band making it very different from previous EFE ‘London Transport’ AEC models. Registered as EYK 320, fleet No T685, it operated on route 404 to Sevenoaks and Shoreham Village and comes with an RRP of £30.

Guy Arab I Utility Bus ‘Maidstone Corporation’ (Ref: 26209) which comes in the earlier brown and cream livery of Maidstone Corporation. This bus carries the early Coat of Arms prior to the addition of the dinosaur. Registered GKN 155, fleet No 52, this bus is en route to the High Street and displays ‘Weald of Kent Self Raising Flour’ on the sides. RRP £30.50

36’ BET 6 Bay Twin lamps (Ref: 35306) – the simple, yet elegant livery of Maidstone & District Motor Services adorns this smart model. Sharp body trim and splendid paintwork are highlights, as is the neat interior detail. This particular bus is the E1 Eltham-Leisham service. RRP £32.49

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Leyland National Mk.1 Long 1 Door (Ref No: 17228) – cream and maroon have always been classic bus colours, and they are exemplified here on EFE’s pleasing Devon general replica. The paintwork is top notch on this 361 service to Exeter, which carries the registration MOD 851P. RRP £32.50

Alexander Y Type Bristol RE (Ref: 38401) – finely rendered front grilles and quality printing adorn EFE’s smart, red North Western bus. It’s the X20 Manchester service and has excellent front door detail. RRP £32.49

Leyland Olympian  (Ref: 29628) – here’s a real slice of double-decker heaven! EFE’s Trent Buses vehicle, named Black orchid and with the registration C721 NNN, cuts quite a dash in its classic red and cream livery. RRP £32.


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