February issue: Model of the Month - Benelli 750 Sei

04 January 2011
imports_CCGB_general-shot-8_19110.jpg February issue: Model of the Month - Benelli 750 Sei
Our 'Top Model of the Month' - this issue, the Benelli 750 Sei from Minichamps' Classic Bike series. ...
February issue: Model of the Month - Benelli 750 Sei Images


Minichamps Classic Bike series
Benelli 750 Sei
PRICE: £84.99 LIMIT: NOT SPECIFIED SCALE: 1/12 REF NO: 122 123000

Just as it is with cars, anything high-powered and Italian immediately falls into the ‘exotic’ category and, back in 1975, any biker lucky enough to sit astride this Benelli would have been the talk of the town. One can imagine said biker, probably with long hair (hey, it’s the 1970s we’re talking about), lovingly polishing the six rakish chrome exhausts before blasting off for a Sunday sojourn around the local country lanes.

Benelli’s 750 Sei was a mould-breaker in that it was the first bike to run on a straight six engine. Its huge six-cylinder engine dominated the whole machine, being made in a decade before street bikes became shrouded in copious fairings in a bid for aerodynamic supremacy.

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Minichamps has pulled out all the stops with this model, which drips with high detail from front to rear. One would have a tough job spotting replica from real thing. The engine, pleasingly, accurately sports varying shades of metal finish, crowned by the super-shiny branded end plates.

'Top Model' is a regular feature in Diecast Collector (pg 12-13).

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