Expert opinion - Hot collectables in 2009

20 November 2008
imports_CCGB_sindydollsaccessories_72193.gif Sindy dolls accessories
With all the doom-mongers out there declaring the economy is on a downturn, if you’ve got any spare change why not invest a few pounds on some of the following items, it could pay dividends in a few years’ time! ...
Expert opinion - Hot collectables in 2009 Images

Sindy dolls have commanded high prices for some time but you can still pick up  accessories for 10p-£1. Look out for delicate items such as the ironing board and whirlygig washing line that are easily broken or smaller items that are often lost. You’ll be amazed how much you can get for these small items, particularly from abroad!

Slot Car
1960s Scalextric cars and accessories have always been in demand. However, you can still buy paint chipped trackside figures for about £1 each. But not for much longer, these are increasing in value so if you see them, buy them!

Jigsaw puzzles
Do you remember Waddington’s Jig-Maps in the early 1970s? 250-piece card jigsaw puzzles covering every continent with oval shaped town and country names. The British Isles was by far the most produced out of all the puzzles so is only worth a few pounds. However, look out for Northern Europe, Ireland and India or, better still, if you can find any of these puzzles complete with instructions and the printed envelope that has the region printed on the front and contains the town and country names, then the value will increase 5-fold!

We all know diecast toys have dramatically increased in value over the last 20 years, particularly mint boxed examples. But what about modern diecast, are they worth collecting as an investment? Check out German-owned Minichamps, particularly the low run (1008 piece) right-hand drive classic British models. Very few find their way into British shops because they sell-out before reaching our shores.

W Britains figuresMetal figures
Believe it or not some of the modern Britains soldiers never find their way into shops, being purchased by members of the collectors’ club leaving nothing for retailers or other collectors. As production runs only tend to be 500, demand and prices always remain high for popular ranges such as Napoleonic and American Revolution figures.

Timpo plastic figuresPlastic figures
Two years ago we predicted Timpo prices would increase. Well, they have done, with some individual figures making as much as £50. Collectors from all over the world can’t get enough 4th series figures, identified by legs moulded to sand coloured bases rather than the usual peg in holes at the bottom of the feet. All subjects are highly collectable but especially keep an eye out for Apache Indians, Eskimos and Arabs.

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