Exclusive First Editions: new releases

09 August 2010
imports_CCGB_efehavereleasednewmod_96427.gif EFE have released new models
EFE have released new diecast models including the RMA Routemaster with trailer in later British European Airways livery. ...

We understand that production difficulties in China have restricted the flow of new models from Exclusive First Editions lately, but recent releases have included the RMA Routemaster with trailer in later British European Airways livery, the Alexander Y Type in Stark’s of Dunbar colours, the Excelsior Holidays Plaxton Paramount 3500, Livepool Motor Services Optare Olympian and BET six-bay  36ft Reliance in Northern livery.

The models released in July have been the United Counties Bristol RELH coach and Devon General (NBC) Bristol MW, in different ‘local coach’ liveries, the Routemaster RMC in Greenline colours and the RTL as an ex-LT vehicle which came to Central SMT via Chieftain, and two modern buses; the Wright Volvo Endurance in West Riding livery and the Plaxton ‘Hoppa’ of First Halifax. Two new articulated lorries are the Atkinson in the livery of Suttons of St Helens and the AEC Mk V Mandator in Pollocks colours.

All are to the usual high standard of finish we expect from EFE. Something different is a special ‘subscriber offer’, a Leyland National in MTT Perth colours, made for Trux in Australia, available in limited numbers direct from EFE.   

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