Event: Winter Bearfest - 27th February

21 January 2011
imports_CCGB_ted1_21220.jpg Event: Winter Bearfest - 27th February
Kathy Martin looks forward to the Winter Bearfest, due to be held on Sunday 27th February. ...

Event: Winter Bearfest


On Sunday 27th February, thousands of teddy bear enthusiasts will be making a beeline – or perhaps a ‘bearline’ – to this year’s Winter BearFest, a fabulous celebration of collectable teddy bears which is held annually at Kensington Town Hall in London.

Hosted by Hugglets, seasoned organisers of world-class teddy bear fairs, the event draws quality exhibitors from home and abroad and offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to view some of the very best vintage, artist-made and manufactured bears under one roof.

With approximately 170 exhibitors displaying their products across three floors, there will be plenty of teddy bears to see and admire, in every size from minuscule to mighty and with fur not just in the naturalistic shades of brown, black and white but in every colour of the rainbow, too. Amongst the bears will be a dazzling array of soft sculpture animals ranging from cosy domestic species such as dogs, cats and rabbits to more exotic creatures hailing from far flung continents.

For many, the chance to view all these wonderfully diverse creations is reason enough to attend the Winter BearFest but there are other inducements. For the creatively inclined, for example, there is the opportunity to buy mohair, patterns and all the other components needed to make a bear or furry friend, while the presence of renowned bear restorer Dot Bird ensures a steady stream of visitors bringing much-loved teds in need of Dot’s expert attention.

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Meanwhile, those interested in finding out how much their bear is worth can seek out the Vectis Auction stand for a current market valuation and, perhaps, advice about putting teddies into auction.

TIP: To get the most out of a visit to the Winter BearFest, it is advisable to allocate the whole day. Doors open at 10.30am but people do start queuing much earlier to reach the most popular exhibitors before their bears sell out.

TIP: Refreshments, drinks and snacks can be purchased on the first floor or you can eat your own picnic lunch in the balcony area overlooking Hall 1.

TIP: If arriving by car, there is reasonably priced parking at the Town Hall Underground Car Park; if coming by public transport, the venue is a short walk from Kensington High Street tube station.

TIP: Adult entry is £4 or free if you live in the UK and are a registered user on the Hugglets website.

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