Doctor Who Props auctioned at Bonhams (February 2010)

11 February 2010
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An incredible archive of Doctor Who memorabilia comprising monsters, costumes and props from the BBC series is to be sold by Bonhams, Knightsbridge. ...
Doctor Who Props auctioned at Bonhams (February 2010) Images

As the world’s longest running science fiction television programme, Doctor Who has attracted a cult following and this sale represents a unique opportunity for collectors to get their hands on authentic, screen-used props.

David Tennant proved a highly popular Doctor with more than 10 million people tuning in to see his last adventure over Christmas. A dinner suit worn by him in three episodes is expected to generate a lot of interest. Clothes worn by the Doctor’s companions in the New Series are also represented with a complete costume of Astrid Peth’s (Kylie Minogue) from the 2007 Christmas special episode, and various garments worn by Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). Cyberman

Two Daleks, a sea devil and several Cybermen who featured regularly in the Classic series have avoided extermination to make it to the sale room, and different pieces of ceremonial regalia modelled by Time Lords are also joining the ranks. Also under the hammer will be examples of Kroll squid, Mandrells, Nimons, Foamasis, Tractators, Mogarians and Vervoids and a Brontasaurus spanning the tenure of Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy at the helm of the TARDIS.

MalusAlso of significance are two versions of the Malus from ‘The Awakening’ and the Magma Creature which featured in ‘The Caves of Androzani’, Peter Davison’s last show as the Doctor which aired in March 1984 – several times voted the best Doctor Who episode. Other former adversaries of the Doctor included in the catalogue are a Gastropod ‘Mestor’, Jacondan headdress, LI Tracker Robot, The Kandyman, one of the Gods of Ragnarok and Cheetah People – the latter featuring in the last ever story to air in the show’s Classic run. The Kandyman

As well as monsters and costumes there is also a selection of vehicles up for auction - including Captain Jack’s Torchwood Range Rover and a black cab from The Runaway Bride episode aired in 2006.

Stephanie Connell, Entertainment Memorabilia Specialist at Bonhams, comments: “Doctor Who is without doubt one of the most important and best loved British television programmes, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer some of the most iconic costumes and props from the show.”

Entrance to the view and to the sale will be by catalogue only. Catalogues cost £15 and each catalogue admits two people. Children go free if accompanied by an adult, and a minimum of £5 from each catalogue sale will be donated to ‘Children in Need’.

Catalogues are available from Bonhams subscriptions department +44 (0) 1666 502 200, [email protected]

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