Diecast Model of the Month - Hot Wheels Elite's Ferrari FF models

27 February 2012
imports_CCGB_img-0576_98170.jpg Diecast Model of the Month - Hot Wheels Elite's Ferrari FF models
Our 'Top Model of the Month' - this issue, the 1/18 and 1/43 scale versions of the Ferrari FF from Ferrari FF. ...
Diecast Model of the Month - Hot Wheels Elite's Ferrari FF models Images


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Hot Wheels Elite
Ferrari FF
PRICE £49.99 LIMIT UP TO 5,000 SCALE 1/43 REF NO W1187
PRICE £112.99 LIMIT UP TO 5,000 SCALE 1/18 REF NO W1105

Collosal shock waves reverberated across the auto world when Ferrari unveiled its FF grand tourer in 2011. The car immediately stamped its mark on two superlatives: the world’s fastest four-seat road car and Ferrari’s largest capacity road-going engine. The latter benchmark comes courtesy of a monstrous 6,262cc naturally aspirated V12.

The ‘FF’ acronym stands for ‘Ferrari Four’, the legendary marque’s way of trumpeting the fact that this new car has four seats and selective four-wheel drive. Anathema to the average red-blooded Ferarri fan, one might think; the best cars from Maranello are supposed to have two seats and drive to the rear wheels!

Model manufacturer Hot Wheels is on ground that it knows best, easily producing the biggest collection of Ferraris anywhere. It carries on with a tradition of quality and detail in 1/18 and 1/43 scales with its FF replicas.

The larger model has opening doors that reveal classic camel-coloured upholstery, and plenty to admire on the dash. Even ‘flappy paddles’ are there, straddling the steering wheel.

As for the smaller scale model, it’s essentially a pantographed version of its big brother, although expectedly it lacks opening doors. Where it does satisfy though is with some deft touches, such as the mesh grilles on the car’s rear corners – these are almost as subtle as on the bigger version. Take a head-on view of either model and, particularly due to the headlights, they appear to be smiling. Well, if you were the fastest four-seat car in the world, wouldn’t you be?

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