December issue: Models of the Month - British Transport Classics

01 November 2010
imports_CCGB_pa070006_41991.jpg December issue: Models of the Month - British Transport Classics
Our 'Top Models of the Month' - this issue, two models from the new range of British Transport Classics available from Digby Miniature Automobiles. ...
December issue: Models of the Month - British Transport Classics Images


The wait is over for classic lorry enthusiasts who like their models in 1/50 scale. A new range of classic commercial vehicle models is now available called British Transport Classics. The range will include well-known types of vehicle from the halcyon days of road transport in the UK, with both well-remembered liveries from times gone by and current preserved vehicles represented. By producing a mix of restored vehicles as well as original liveries, the new range will help keep alive the heritage of British haulage companies both large and small.

The first two releases are models of well-known vehicles on the preservation and rally scene, the Bedford OL flatbed from the R C Jeffery & Sons fleet of restored lorries, based in Warwickshire, and the Commer QX of Wiltshire-based F Compton and Sons.

They have been developed with the help of the owners, with all details and livery correct. Bob Jeffery said: “This is the best model I’ve ever seen of the Bedford OL.”

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Above all, the range will re-introduce classic lorry models in the popular 1/50 scale, of which there have been few new releases in recent years. This scale, long recognised everywhere as the best scale for lorry models, allows a high level of detail within a still manageable size. For this reason alone, the new range is sure to be welcomed by all collectors.

British Transport Classics is a new name in the world of collectable model automobiles. Using advanced techniques in the manufacturing medium of resin, this new company plans to produce a whole range of 1/50 scale British lorries. Each model is painstakingly hand-built using the best materials and each model’s construction is as close to that of the original as possible, with separate chassis, body and cab castings. By their very nature, these models will be strictly limited to very low production numbers.