Corgi releases new Trackside models

01 August 2012
imports_CCGB_corgisnewrustonbucyru_11690.gif Corgi's new Ruston Bucyrus 19 Skimmer from c.1937.
More variety at the Trackside for railway layouts ...
Corgi releases new Trackside models Images

Corgi’s popular Trackside range of 1/76 scale nostalgic vehicles specifically designed for use with OO gauge model railway layouts continues to expand with further variations and liveries.
The Ruston Bucyrus 19 Skimmer is available in green, c.1937 (Ref No DG225003) with a price of £20.99. The upper part of the model rotates a full 360 degrees with the boom and dipper connected by a single thread on a static base, which enables it to be posed realistically. There will also be a blue liveried version (DG225006) with LNER ‘winking eye’ style logo and Engineers Department lettering.
A Great Western Railway Ruston Bucyrus 19 Drag Shovel (DG225004) carries the GWR ‘short button’ style logo with Engineering Department Permanent Way lettering on the company’s classic chocolate and cream colour scheme, also priced at £20.99. This will be followed by a Southern Railway olive green-liveried Ruston Bucyrus 19 Face Shovel (DG225007).
Coles Cranes became famous for their compact, mobile four wheeled cranes developed from the mid-1930s onwards. The 6-ton Argus now appears in British Road Services green livery with white lettering including their Newport telephone number (DG226002), priced at £19.99. The Argus, built from 1954, was the strongest of Coles’ cantilever cranes and could be found in use at a wide number of industries and goods yards throughout the country.
For fans of fairground vehicles, an interesting introduction is the Leyland 8-wheeler rigid flatbed in the livery of West Country amusement operators Anderton and Rowland’s (DG176029), price £12.99. The lettering includes the ‘King of the Road’ on the cabside.
Examples of these vehicles will doubtless soon be appearing on a model railway layout near you!

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Further details can be found in the Corgi July/December 2012 catalogue and online at