Collectors Gazette Auction Report - Aston's Toy Auctions

09 August 2012
imports_CCGB_aston-s_14146.png Collectors Gazette Auction Report - Aston's Toy Auctions
See what your collectables might be worth in this video auction report from Aston's in Dudley. ...

There's really nothing better than heading to an auction and seeing some fantastic collectables that have been kept in excellent condition for years - in some cases even decades! That was certainly true of the July auction at Aston's Toy Auctions in Dudley, which contained a whole host of wonderful lots, including a brilliant example of a classic Green Hornet car and a truly spectacular James Bond Aston Martin. For the video we spoke to cataloguer James McGreen who took us through some of the star lots before we chose a few choice items too.

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