Collector and collection: Terry Styles' diecast and white metal

08 March 2011
imports_CCGB_coll-and-coll_31021.jpg Collector and collection: Terry Styles' diecast and white metal
Claire Packer chats to Terry Styles whose eclectic collection features both diecast and white metal. ...

Terry Styles readily admits that he has always been a collector of something. From Brooke Bond tea cards at age six to stamps a few years later, Terry has always been a connoisseur of collectables.

“Collecting diecast models only really started in 1996 when the Vanguards came out,” Terry recalls. Fast-forward 14 years and Terry has amassed a collection of 1,200 models, white metal as well as diecast.

“A lot of models I buy are from toyfairs, mail order as well,” Terry explains. “The main toyfairs I go to are at Maidstone, Brentwood, Sandown Park and Kempton Park. I set myself a budget but then usually go way over!”

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As many collectors will agree, sometimes sticking to a budget can be quite difficult, especially when a beautiful model catches your eye. “There used to be a show called Modelex which was exclusively hand-built models,” Terry begins. “One year I spent over £1,400, although I did probably buy 20 models in one day. I wouldn’t normally spend that amount of money though – it was one of my mad days!”

After spotting a local auction listed in Diecast Collector, Terry went along and successfully bid on three lots. “I bought three Spot-On models: a bus and two lorries,” Terry explains. “I had a great time! It was great when you actually get something. The bus was £280 but I was quite happy to pay that as it was mint and boxed. It’s listed at £500 or more in price guides now.”

Even though he does spend a little too much sometimes, buying models is an exciting part of the hobby for Terry: “That’s part of the fun really, getting a model, whether you go to a fair and buy it or go to an auction and bid for it.”

*This is an excerpt of the feature 'A master of models' first published in Diecast Collector's April issue. To see which issues of Diecast Collector are available to buy online, click here

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