Collecting Kinder Egg toys

14 April 2014
imports_CCGB_kinderturtle_78918.jpg Collecting Kinder Egg toys
Rounding up some of the best Kinder Egg toys... just in time for Easter. ...

With Easter fast approaching, most people will be turning their attention to how much chocolate they'll be troffing on Easter Sunday. However, we decided to take a slightly different approach with our Easter celebrations and in the May issue of Collectors Gazette, we're taking a look at the numerous collectables included in the famous Kinder Eggs. As a sneak peek, here's a preview of some of those collectables noted in the article.

Teeny Tapsi Turtles
Kinder introduced its Teeny Tapsi Turtles figures in 1991. These were Paco (collapsed under a banana peel), Gnam Gnam (munching on a watermelon), Colombo (hatching out of an egg), Flora (with flowers on her back), Calypso (toting a flower umbrella), Amadeus (playing the Pan flute), Felix (holding a seashell to his ear), Batida (sipping from a coconut), Marino (with flippers and diving mask) and Robinson (on a leaf raft, rowing with a leaf stem).

Frosty Frogs
The Frosty Frogs series appeared in 1993. The figures were mono-bloc but sometimes included extra pieces as accessories. This was a 12-figure range consisting of Sam Ural (with snowman), Bobby Bob (with bobsleigh), Ski Jack (with skis and poles), Tom Everest (with ice axe), Spring Eddie (with snowshoes), Willy Winter (with snowballs), Nina Patina, Susie Salto, Nina Ballerina, Mr Rapido (speed skater), Peter Puck (with hockey stick) and Frosty Freddy (with toadstool umbrella).

Crazy Crocos
Kinder’s Crazy Crocos, a range of mono-bloc crocodile figures, were released in the early 1990s. One set of Crazy Crocos had a school theme. The characters were Crocoboss (headmaster), Crocozero (bad grades!), Croco Siesta (wake up!), Crococrock, Professor Crocolab (science gone mad!), Miss Crocomatics, Marilyn Croco (the only girl student), Professor Crocochrono (clock’s ticking!), Miss Melody Croco, and Crocophilo (smarty-pants!).

Glowing Ghosties
For 1996 Kinder brought out a series of glow-in-the-dark ghost figures. These were Walk Through Walter (who walks through walls), Stroller and Rover (a ghost out for a stroll with his phantom dog), Forgetful Freddy (now where was I supposed to go?), Soap Sud Susy (do ghosts need baths?), Gurgly Ghool (baby ghost, boo boo ga ga!), Lukewarm Lucy, Hostess Ghostess, Cuckoo Clock Charlie (peek-a-boo!), Drip Dry Dougal, and Shaking William.

Hot Wheels
The Hot Wheels are small-scale plastic cars. The models at time of writing are the Moto Blade, Side Draft, Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, Urban Agent, and Cul8r. The styles of some of these cars harkens back to various Hot Wheels and Matchbox Superfast creations of the early 1970s.

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