Buyers' guide: Joe 90 collectables

31 July 2008
imports_CCGB_joe90specialinaugust_64225.jpg Joe 90 special in August issue
Do you have some Joe 90 memorabilia among your collection? Our buyers' guide will tell you how much they could be worth. ...
Buyers' guide: Joe 90 collectables Images

Dinky – Joe 90 Car:

Dinky Toys’ Joe 90 car No.102 was one of the few battery feature toys the company produced. This is a superbly made, quality toy which features opening wings and extending tail fins, as well as a flashing engine exhaust. It comes in an excellent box with super artwork and an equally good diorama base to stand the model on. Values for boxed examples vary from £250 - £400 depending on the condition of the toy and that all-important box.
Century 21 – Joe 90 Case:

This Joe 90 Case by Century 21 is an extremely rare item. Most of the examples you see of this little gem are either broken or incomplete. They are extremely difficult to open so more often than not the plastic studs on the top of the case have been snapped off or the locating lugs have either been bent or broken as kids lost patience trying to figure out the correct way to open the case.

They had just as much difficulty when it comes to closing the thing too. Inside there is a main compartment and several hidden compartments containing vac-formed white trays with a pistol and silencer, a transmitter water pistol, two rubber tipped plastic darts, a W.I.N. badge and a pair of Joe 90 glasses. Hidden away in another secret compartment you will find an I.D. card and a secret note pad.

To complete the piece there is a plastic bag with ‘Joe 90 Case’ and the logo printed on it, which is more often than not missing. However, if you do find one that is totally complete and in mint condition then you will have to spend around £500-£600 to own it.
Lone Star - Joe 90 Diecast Cap Pistol and Holster:

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This next item is even harder to locate. This is a carded Lone Star’s Joe 90 diecast cap gun, accompanied with a silencer, holster and belt. The one shown here is the only example I have ever seen, which makes it very difficult to value because there has is no previous track record to go by. I would estimate it would make at least £600 but on the open market who knows what it would fetch?

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