Bucher Schörling Road Sweepers - Diecast Collector Construction Special

29 October 2012
imports_CCGB_web4_27152.jpg Bucher Schörling Road Sweepers - Diecast Collector Construction Special
As part of Diecast Collector's latest construction special, Steven Downes takes a look at a rarely seen model. ...
Bucher Schörling Road Sweepers - Diecast Collector Construction Special Images

One model that does not appear too often is the road sweeper, and yet they are often seen keeping roads tidy when construction projects are undertaken. The German firm of Bucher Schörling has commissioned a pair of models based on their Cityfant 6000 sweeper body, one mounted to the Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis and the other on a MAN TGS chassis. Both are produced by Conrad and feature a steering front axle with suspension detailing of the rear axle and intricate silver wheel hubs housing tyres that have a radial tread pattern.

Unlike most Conrad truck models, the cabins do not tilt forward but are fixed in place, with exhaust and air bottle detailing behind the cabins and glazed lenses fitted to the inset road lights in the front bumpers. Rear view mirrors and roof mounted aerials need fitting to complete the model’s aesthetics.

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The main sweeper brush is located centrally beneath the chassis and has been produced with fine scaled bristles which look very authentic. The frame can be angled left or right and rises up into the travel position. A circular shaped rotating brush is found on both sides of the chassis, connected to a plastic arm which allows the brush to extend into the working position or fold back into the profile of the body with the entire assembly able to lower until the rear pick-up housing touches the ground.

The main suction tubes are nicely modelled and slide up into the body of the rear housing which has a contoured upper vent and an opening where the exhaust pipe from the secondary engine is located. The rear of the body has a fixed support frame with a detachable wanderhose that is made from a flexible plastic material with authentic ridge detailing, capped with a metal end section. Conrad has once again demonstrated some fine engineering to allow the intricate mechanisms to function with a quality paint finish and crisp markings. The models presented here are exclusive to the Bucher Schörling Company.