Brand new toy figures from William Britain (October 2011)

21 September 2011
imports_CCGB_britains_74103.jpg Brand new toy figures from William Britain (October 2011)
William Britain has released a selection of toy figures in all its ranges including the American Civil War and the War Along The Nile. ...

William Britain

Another interesting batch of new models has arrived from WB, across a number of periods. Elite Force gets WB24007 US Army Ranger 2002 and WB24009 US Navy Seal 2010 – it is great to see some modern figures among the new releases.

The War Along The Nile range has a number of new additions. The British York and Lancaster Regiment get the most, with:

  • WB27034 Kneeling Firing
  • WB27035 Standing Loading
  • WB27036 Charging No 1
  • WB27037 Charging No 2
  • WB27040 Officer
  • WB27041 Drummer

The Mahdists have only WB27039 Fuzzy Wuzzy Charging With Sword No 2 to take the Brits on!

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The American Civil War range has a splendid addition to the gradually growing limited edition ‘The Chosen Ground’ diorama, with WB31074 Command Set six-piece set. This whole ensemble will really make a fantastic centrepiece to an ACW collection.

For the Museum Collection comes just one new figure, WB10030 Highlander 78th Regiment Of Foot 1869.

Finally, for the ever-popular Zulu War there is WB20086 British Royal Artillery 7 Pound Gun And Crew. It is another wonderful limited edition artillery set, and bound to be highly sought-after.

PICTURED Britains’ limited edition Zulu War WB20086 British Royal Artillery 7 Pound Gun and Crew.

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