Brand new toy figures from William Britain (August 2011)

21 July 2011
imports_CCGB_tff-big_64706.jpg Brand new toy figures from William Britain (August 2011)
William Britain has released a selection of toy figures in all its ranges including the Napoleonic range, the American Civil War and the War Along The Nile. ...
Brand new toy figures from William Britain (August 2011) Images

William Britain

New releases continue to come in from WB, covering almost all the ranges.

The Napoleonic range has two figures from the British 95th Rifles, WB36040 Officer and WB36054 Rifleman Advancing. For the Museum Collection there is a WWI US Marine 1918 WB10024.

WB23015: 1916 British Vickers Machine Gun Section.The American Civil War gets WB31086 US Colored Troops Marching, WB31099 Union Iron Flagbearer At Rest No 1 and a slew of brass: WB31079 Union General US Grant and no less than four Confederate Generals, WB31080 PGT Beauregard, WB31081 Albert Sydney Johnston, WB31082 Joseph E Johnston and WB31083 AP Hill.

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The splendid War Along The Nile range sees WB27027 British 42nd Highlander Piper (pictured top right), WB27018 42nd Highlander At The Ready and WB27025 British York & Lancaster Reg Standing Firing. The Zulu War has a very nicely done Ox Wagon in two guises, WB20075 Ox Wagon and WB20082 Ox Wagon Barricade With Mealie Bags Underneath (pictured bottom right).

Zulu War WB20082: Ox Wagon Barricade with Mealie Bags.

WWI has WB23015 1916 British Vickers Machine Gun Section 3-pc set limited edition (pictured top left). Redcoats have WB44043 Trooper 17th Lancers 1879 and the return of an old favourite, WB48520 Coronation Coach. There is also a really special limited edition set WB48010 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Mounted 3-pc set. 

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