Brand new toy figure releases from Tradition, William Britain and Armies in Plastic

16 December 2011
imports_CCGB_model-soldiers-t54618-622_94012.jpg Brand new toy figure releases from Tradition, William Britain and Armies in Plastic
A selection of news from the latest Toy Figure Focus (January-12). ...
Brand new toy figure releases from Tradition, William Britain and Armies in Plastic Images

*This is an extract from the regular section Toy Figure Focus first published in Collectors Gazette's January 2012 issue. To see which issues of Collectors Gazette are available to buy online, click here


The British Police Force Present Day is the latest in Tradition’s 54mm Model Soldier series. There is a Motorcycle Policeman, Sergeant, Constable, Dog Handler and Armed Officer. The price painted is £39.35 each, kit/casting £10.82 each.

The Metropolitan Police Service is famed around the world and has a unique place in the history of policing. It is by far the largest of the police services that operate in greater London; the others include the City of London Police and the British Transport Police.

These new figures will be great additions to your collection if you have an interest in emergency services.

William Britain

It is great to see some more mounted French Napoleonic figures among the new releases from William Britain.

The figures are all 3rd Lancers: WB36072 ‘Bugler’, WB36073 ‘Guidon Bearer’ and WB36069 ‘Trooper On Rearing Horse’.

However, the best news of all is for American Civil War collectors, with the arrival of more of the first ever Zouaves from WB, all for the iconic 114th Pennsylvania. Even better is that there are not only fighting men but also the famous vivadiere of the regiment.

The figures are WB31100 ‘Officer’, WB31106 ‘Colour Sergeant’, WB31107 ‘Drummer’, WB31109 ‘Vivandiere’, WB31113 ‘Advancing At The Ready No 2’ and WB31114 ‘Kneeling Firing’. There is also a splendid WB31093 ‘Union 29th Massachusetts Irish Brigade Flagbearer No 1’.

Joining the Limited Edition Collection is a very striking gloss WB48012 ‘Royal Scots Dragoon Guard Mounted Kettle Drummer’, a must for collectors of this series and of the British Army – a really super piece.

For the Zulu War there are Zulu reinforcements in the form of the Umcijo Regiment: WB20091 ‘Zulu Throwing Spear’ and WB20092 ‘Stabbing With Assegai’. 

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Armies in Plastic

Every now and then some figures come along which are a milestone in the hobby, something unique.

AIP has achieved just that with its latest sets – a first in plastic for British Colonial Gordon Relief Expedition Camel Corps. There are no less than 10 sets, too, representing the various units of this corps, which was also unique in the annals of the British army.

The sets are 5584 ‘Mounted Guards Camel Regiment Set No 1’, 5585 ‘Mounted Guards Camel Regiment Set No 2’ (add-on set), 5586 ‘Mounted Guards Camel Regiment Set No 3’, 5587 ‘Mounted Royal Artillery Set No 1’, 5588 ‘Mounted Royal Artillery Set No 2’ (add-on set), 5589 ‘Mounted Royal Artillery Set No 3’, 5590 ‘Mounted Royal Artillery Set No 4’, 5591 ‘Mounted Infantry Set No 1’, 5592 ‘Mounted Infantry Set No 2’ (add-on set) and 5593 ‘Mounted Infantry Set No 3’.

5594 ‘Mounted Royal Artillery Set No 4’ contains an unassembled screw gun, which can actually be snapped together to make the assembled gun. It is a super little piece that really captures the feel of the iconic original.

Guards sets are red plastic, Royal Artillery sets are dark blue and Mounted Infantry sets are brown khaki. All the camels are brown.

The figures in the sets are the same: No 1 has an officer, bugler and two troopers; No 2 has four troopers; No 3 has two troopers and two baggage camels; and No 4 has two troopers and the screw gun on two camels.

AIP is to be congratulated for breaking new ground with these marvellous new sets, which are an absolute must for all Colonial collectors and wargamers!

Other series that AIP make include the American Civil War, the Boer War, the Russian Civil War as well as modern forces.