AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture handmade porcelain figurines

21 June 2011
imports_CCGB_cmielow_58351.jpg AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture handmade porcelain figurines
AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture announce its latest handmade porcelain releases. ...
AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture handmade porcelain figurines Images

Porcelain production was originally started at Cmielow in 1804 and there is currently about 350 different figurines in the collection including dogs, cats, birds and ladies.

All the miniature sculptures have a unique shape and avant-garde form. Every piece is carefully hand-made in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand. Each one is numbered and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the sculpture number, the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor.

Most of the figures were originally designed in the late 1950s-1960s. After a break of almost 40 years, Cmielow has now started production again, using exactly the original moulds.

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New for summer 2011:

A great, new figurine has been made by AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture called 'MOTHERHOOD'. It is the second figurine of a lady sculpture by Kate Rij, a young, talented Polish artist. It has been created in tribute to mothers. The avant-garde shape is inspired of Picasso and Moore art. It is handmade and hand-painted.

For dog lovers, AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufacture has also released a wonderful 'BULL TERRIER' figurine. It is handmade and hand-painted.

According to Cmielow, one of the best sellers in the British market is cats. 'RELAXING CAT' was created in 1958 by M. Naruszewicz. It is not realistic but instead shows the imagination of the artist.

This news story was first published by Collectors Gazette.