Amazing Spider-Man Collectables

03 July 2012
imports_CCGB_spider01_06598.jpg Amazing Spider-Man Collectables
Your friendly neighbourhood collector Jim Stevenson looks at some classic Spider-Man toys. ...

Toys based on the fantastic fighters of crime are very popular and extremely collectable, particularly the vintage items. There is a very healthy amount of Bat-merchandise, for example, but not so much for Spidey. In fact, toys and collectables relating to the vintage era of Spider-Man during the 1960s are, at best, a bit thin on the ground. Indeed, we didn’t see any significant toys being produced until the ‘70s, round about the time the Mego Corp. of America started a range of eight-inch action figures (Ed - whatever you do, don’t call them dolls!) of superheroes that were so popular, they’re still in big demand today. Mint boxed or mint carded examples change hands for good money and there’s a decent range of characters or vehicles to suit all superhero fans.

Which brings us nicely to our first piece, one of the aforementioned eight-inch Mego superheroes. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a fully jointed action figure clad in a fabric, removable one-piece costume. After the success of this item, Mego then released a 12-inch version of the Spider-Man toy, using a larger one-piece costume and body. Prices for a mint, boxed example of either figure are between £125-150. Mego used the same jointed eight-inch body on a number of its superheroes and curiously you find the same body being used by Denys Fisher toys in its Dr. Who range from the ‘70s.

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While on the subject of Denys Fisher, this next Spider-piece actually comes from that company. ‘The Turbo Tower of Power Spidercycle’ from 1977 has Spiderman on a motorcycle, which you place on a ramp before ‘pumping up’ the power to send our hero off at a rate of knots! Around the time this was released a certain Evel Knievel was performing stunts across the globe and Denys Fisher produced a similar set featuring the famous stuntman, which was fantastically popular. Boxed, the Spidercycle sells for around £125.