ACE Trains to release new Schools Class models

18 October 2010
imports_CCGB_ace-train-2_07923.jpg ACE Trains to release new Schools Class models
ACE Trains will be releasing new Schools Class models including the Loco 1885 'Rodean'. ...

New models soon to be released by ACE Trains in the Schools Class will include the Loco 1885 ‘Roedean’. The Rodean School was requisitioned by the Royal Navy during the war and became a torpedo instruction outpost of HMS Vernon at Portsmouth.

Locos 1870 ‘Fettes’ and 1933 ‘Gordonstoun’ will be issued in CR livery. The numbers given are the dates of their respective foundations.

Finally, loco 1922 St Trinnean’s, is a pink version with crossed hockey sticks illustrated within the shield on the tender. This follows Lionel’s example in the pre and post-war period which some might argue is not to be encouraged. However, ACE Trains promises that the loco is in this part of the market to counteract the over seriousness of some in the model train fraternity.

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The models will be available in late 2010 priced at £495 on all orders taken before 31st October. After this date the price will be £545 to reflect factory cost increases and latterly VAT rates.