A look at Hot Wheels diecast models - 2006

03 August 2010
imports_CCGB_thehotwheelsyears20_96130.gif The Hot Wheels Years - 2006
Mike Pigott continues his trip down memory lane by looking at the diecast models released by Hot Wheels in 2006. ...

There were 38 new items in 2006, which was a much more affordable number than the 100 vehicles released in 2004 or the 60 ‘first editions’ of 2005… plus there were no more sub-series. The 38 new models were a mixed batch, with a wide range of vehicles, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Many of the new models were released with a new kind of ultra-low-friction wheel. These were (rather modestly) called ‘Faster Than Ever’ wheels, which had five thin spokes and were often plated in a bronze colour. Also starting in 2006 was the practice of releasing the new items in more than one colour scheme. Most were produced in two colours, with some in as many as four shades...

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