Diecast Collector August 2018

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On Sale: 02/07/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Win a fleet of 10 EFE bus models worth more than £300 in our free to enter competition (click here to enter!) 
Harry Potter – we explore the wizard world of Harry Potter diecast models from both the books and the film
McLaren Road Cars – are they the “British Ferrari”? We find out using a set of 1/43 scale models
Austin 7 – discover the best 1/43 scale models of Herbert Austin’s ground breaking small car
Room for a small one? - the story of 1950s bubble cars and their successor, the Mini, told in scale
More model reviews than any other UK magazine – 11 pages of the best new releases in your favourite scales
All the latest news from the world of diecast model collecting
Plus much, much more…

On sale 2 July 2018

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