Collectors Gazette - November 2020

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Star Wars figures go under the hammer

On Sale: 16/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

NEWS - The latest news from the world of collecting.
WHAT'S THE YEAR? Alwyn Brice looks back on a specific year and asks "what's the year?".
WOODEN TRACK AND ENGINE - Mark Nolan investigates the push along trains of wood.
FRENCH CONNECTION - In part five of his series on Solido, Alwyn Brice gets kitted out for combat.
JIGSAW PUZZLES - Ann Evans looks at the history behind the humble jigsaw.
STAR WARS OFFERS - James Orwell remembers the action figure special offers.
BEST OF BRITISH - Brian Howes looks at those button badges kids once wore.
INTRO TO... Will Freeman explores the story of peg wooden dolls.
TOY STORIES - Ed Karswell experiences a heavy dose of “collection envy”.
EBUYS - Our guide to what's been selling well on eBay this month.
PRICE GUIDE - Find out what your toys could be worth in our auction round-up.
YOUR COLLECTION - Anthony Chew shows us around his collection of miniature figures and sets.
OBSOLETE OZ - What gems has Oz uncovered this month on his travels?
EVENT GUIDE - Plan your diary for the month ahead.
AUCTIONEER LISTING - Sale rooms from across the country, all in one place!
SALES & EXCHANGE - Buy or sell collectables and place your wanted adverts.

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