Stamp & Coin Mart September 2017

Discover Guernsey's range of Royal Family stamps, King George V's 1934 definitives and a history of Britain's low value coins! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 11 Aug 2017

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Stamp & Coin Mart September issue features a Royal mini-sheet on all print copies, courtesy of Guernsey Post.

  • Our popular GB Gems guide details the 1934-1936 definitives of King George V, and we preview the new ‘Classic Toys' stamps from Royal Mail.
  • We delve into the technical side of stamp collecting, with a guide to stamp perforations and the values of stamps.
  • We follow the eventful journey of a 1934 cover sent from Wales to the West Coast of the USA with our postal history pages, and our guide to collecting postal history by county stops off in Caernarfonshire.
  • Our coin pages include an analysis of Britain's lower value coins with interesting stories to tell, and a guide to the many Roman coins issued in 193 AD, known as the year of the five emperors.

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