Stamp & Coin Mart November 2017

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On Sale: 13 Oct 2017

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November’s Stamp & Coin Mart is set to include a free set of 1961 GB stamps for every reader, while inside the magazine we look back at the story behind this European Postal and Telecommunications (CEPT) Conference stamp set, and why Britain chose to commemorate the event.

Staying on these shores, the hugely popular GB Gems series takes a look at GB stamp booklets, we preview Royal Mail’s latest stamps, and bring you all the very latest news from the GB stamp and coin scenes. 

The packed issue will also touch on the technical side of stamps, as we look at stamp faults and how to spot a repaired stamp, while we also reveal the strange material that has been used for stamps, including cork, silk and glass! 

Our philatelic travels will take us to Jamaica, to examine their beautifully designed early pictorials; we conclude our in-depth investigation into the stamps of Russia; and coin collectors will discover more about the the departure of the Romans from Britain, and the coins of the tumultuous period.

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