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May's Stamp & Coin Mart is another 'must' for collectors, as the magazine  comes with a free copy of the PTS dealer directory 2018-19 - your essential guide to the UK stamp trade, featuring in-depth listings of hundreds of trusted, approved stamp and postal history traders.

  • Inside the packed issue we celebrate the centenary of perhaps the world's most famous stamp error, the USA's 'Inverted Jenny' of 1918. In an in-depth article, we turn the clock to 1918 and recount the discovery of the stamp error, revealing how the error grabbed the headlines and made one lucky collector rich.
  • In the first of a new series on collecting stamps by country, we take a look at 'aspects of' East Germany, giving readers a selection of the country's different themes and historic events which can help form a collection.
  • We mark the 150th anniversary of perfins (initials perforated into stamps) with a guide to the many perrin stamps issued both in Britain and around the world, giving readers a guide to the history of the stamps and how to collect them.
  • Our regular insight into the treasures held at The Postal Museum reveals the controversial designs that were rejected by the politicians of the time, and our popular Postal Curiosities series this time focuses on the stamps of fascinating 1960s stamps commemorating the resettlement of Tristan da Cunha following the evacuation of the population to Britain after a volcanic eruption.
  • In our coins section we chart the life, times and coins of Roman Emperor Diocletian and look at the coins of King Canute, whilst bringing you the latest news, auction prices and our regular bargain coin.