Stamp & Coin Mart March 2017

FREE Stampex 2017 show guide, a look back on the history of the £1 coin, plus a guide to Germany's long-running Humanitarian Relief stamps! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 10 Feb 2017

£4.99 Single issue

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Here is what you can expect in our March issue when you extend your subscription today:

  • FREE copy of the official Stampex show guide, giving you all the information you need to plan your trip to the UK’s national stamp exhibition.
  • We take a trip to Portugal to examine the nation’s intriguing embossed stamps, and discover how the highly collectable issues were influenced by Britain’s brief flirtation with this philatelic format.
  • We look back on the long history of the £1 coin as the new twelve-sided £1 coin is put into circulation
  • Guide to Germany's long-running Humanitarian Relief stamps
  • An insight into a fascinating stamp exhibit on the Prince of Wales’ 1921-22 tour of India

With news, views, the latest prices, new stamp listings and much more, March's Stamp & Coin Mart is not to be missed!