Stamp & Coin Mart June 17

Celebrating 50 years of a stamp icon, latest Royal Mail stamps and the quirky history of elongates coins ... Read More >>

On Sale: 12 May 2017

£4.99 Single issue

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Here is what you can expect in our June issue:

  • Machin's success- We highlight 10 aspects of the Machin definitives that have made them a favourite with collectors

  • GB Stamps- Royal Mail's 'Songbirds' stamps previewed, plus a chance to win them!

  • GB gems you can own- Our series on affordable GB classics examines the 1900 1/2d blue-green

  • Around the Islands- The latest stamps from Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Jersey

  • Finland's TB stamps- Your guide to the beautiful charity series 

  • Fabulous flatties- Squashed, smashed, pressed or souvenir pennies, we take a look at the wonderful world of elongated coin

With news, views, market insight and new issues, the June issue is not to be missed!