Stamp & Coin Mart July 18

Stamps of Britain's European Empire, first stamps issued during the Queen’s rein, plus a comprehensive guide to the English sixpence ... Read More >>

On Sale: 08 Jun 2018

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In the packed July issue of Stamp & Coin Mart magazine we detail stamps of Britain's European Empire, including the stamp history of Gibraltar, Malta, and Cyprus.

Our popular ‘Postal Curiosities’ feature this month focuses on ‘inside jobs’ - the stamp forgeries created within the postal system; and our postal history pages detail material from Dorset and an intriguing a 'first flight’ cover sent across Africa in the 1930s.

We continue our major series charting the history of GB stamps and detailing 101 issues you need to own, this time focussing on the first stamps issued during the Queen’s rein, whilst we conclude our in-depth examination of Egypt’s stamp history, picking up the story in the 1920s when Egypt declared its independence.

With the World Cup about to kick off in Russia, our exclusive series on treasures held at The Postal Museum looks at the optimistic sporting stamps that were designed but, sadly, not required; and our thematics pages cover topics as varied as National Parks around the world, lego on stamps and more.

In the coin section we provide a comprehensive guide to the English sixpence, a coin worth one-fortieth of a pound sterling, or six pence, when first minted in the reign of Edward VI; and examine the Roman Sestertius which has been avidly studied and collected for 300 years and is still going strong.