Stamp & Coin Mart January 2018

The origins of the world's most valuable stamp, WIN Royal Wedding stamps, plus a free pull-out guide to York Stamp & Coin Fair ... Read More >>

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Inside the January 2018 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart magazine you can expect:

  • A guide to buying the early surface-printed 4d stamps issued during the years 1855 to 1876. The 4d stamp that made its appearance on 31 July 1855 was Great Britain’s introduction to surface-printed (typographed) postage stamps after more than a decade of line-engraved (recess printed) production methods that had given letter writers the 1d black, 2d blue and the 1d red in its several shades.
  • How North Borneo colonial stamps were the first pictorials and how their designs had a huge influence on other ‘Commonwealth’ / ‘Empire’ stamps.
  • The origins of the most expensive stamp in the world
  • How stamps have been printed on all kinds of material, from wood to glass to fish skin!
  • Stamp showcase: Post office markings of Cupar 1702 - 1840
  • Postal historian John Scott returns to Wales and to Carmarthen, where postal services began in the late 17th century giving us a wealth of beautiful and intriguing postal history to pursue
  • Stamp curiosities: College Stamps of Oxford and Cambridge- David Bailey discovers these strange Victorian issues, university stamps were issued between 1871 and 1886 but the laws that allowed them go back much further.

Plus so much more which we love you are going to love!

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