Stamp & Coin Mart February 2018

Game of Thrones stamps revealed, your guide to Victorian coins & a showcase of Postal Museum rarities ... Read More >>

On Sale: 12 Jan 2018

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Inside the February 2018 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart you can expect:

  • 1951 high value stamps of King George VI - Our fact file and condensed history of an affordable classic stamp this time covers the beautifully produced high value stamps of King George VI, issued to mark 1951’s Festival of Britain
  • The design of GB Victorian stamps - In the first of a two-part series examining the design of early British stamps, Peter Marren reassesses the stamps of Victoria, which often put the practical use of the stamps before aesthetics. (next issue – analysis of King George V stamps)
  • The triangle-shaped stamps issued in Cape of Good Hope - In our ongoing series on the world’s most famous stamps, David Bailey tells the fascinating story of the Cape Triangulars, featuring exclusive images from the renowned British Library Philatelic Collections.
  • Croatia’s ‘Landscapes’ definitive - In this month’s stamp showcase, in association with the ABPS, we take a look at an exhibit of Croatian stamps awarded a Vermeil medal at the recent Stampex event in London
  • Postal history of Cheshire - The Industrial Revolution and the coming of the machine age contributed to Cheshire’s importance both for coal mining and for the textile trade, and provides today’s collectors with a wealth of material to pursue. By John Scott
  • Postal markings on a letter sent in 1859 – featuring 4 Queen Victoria stamps
  • EXCLUSIVE! new series picking rare stamps, postal history and related items form the collections held at The Postal Museum in London

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