Stamp & Coin Mart December 2017

The complex stamps of the 1850s explained, how to collect Dog Sled mail, plus this year's Xmas stamps from around the world! ... Read More >>

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December’s Stamp & Coin Mart turns the clock back to the 1850s and assesses the stamps that followed the famous Penny Black and Tupenny Blue.

Our in-depth GB article takes a look at the changing perforations, dies, inks and papers of the 1854 to 1858 period, and provides a clear guide to this complicated phase of stamp production. 

Meanwhile, our guide to penny fractions looks back at the first British stamps with ‘half penny’ denominations, revealing how the designers, public and press adapted to the new value stamps.

Moving on to the 20th century, our popular GB Gems article examines the King George VI halfpenny definitives which brought optimism to the country during a difficult period for both the royal family and the stamps that depicted them.

Our coin pages take a look at medieval tokens, often known as jettons, and how to collect them, and we also take a look at the unusual pasttime of mudlarking – searching for coins in rivers!

With Xmas on the horizon, we reveal this year’s seasonal stamps from Royal Mail, while also bringing readers a comprehensive guide to new stamps, as well as the latest news from the stamp and coin worlds. Add the latest auction results, market advice, and your guides to thematics and postal history, and December’s Stamp & Coin Mart is another must-read!


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