Stamp & Coin Mart April 2018

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On Sale: 09 Mar 2018

£4.99 Single issue

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The April 2018 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart will include a copy of our BRAND NEW Coin Collecting Magazine!

Inside the April issue you will enjoy:

  • MULREADY CARICATURES- A guide to the many humorous and political unofficial ‘Mulready’ envelopes produced during the 1840s, following the release of the ‘Mulready’ envelope which was intended to be more popular than the postage stamp
  • TIBETAN STAMPS- Story of the stamps, early issues and most notable stamps to collect. 
  • GB GEMS Victoria 2½d surface printed issues; 1875-1881- The stamp we hope to persuade you to add to your GB Gems Affordable Classic Collection this month is one of the various 2½d stamps issued during the years 1875 – 1881.
  • POSTAL MUSEUM TREASURES- Regular guide to rarities held at The Postal Museum in London. This time focusing on stamps that the Queen did not initially approve. Stamps mentioned are 1980 and 1983 stamps.
  • STAMP SHOWCASE-  Collector shares items from his large Gold medal winning exhibit, featuring postal history and rare examples of the 4d jubilee stamp (issued in 1887).

PLUS! Inside Issue 1 of Coin Collecting magazine...

  • Collecting Roman, Greek and Medieval coins on a budget
  • An introduction to tokens and token collecting
  • Exclusive insight into the growing popularity of collecting Royal Mint commemorative coins
  • A 'Scarcity Index' from ChangeChecker, detailing the scarcity on modern GB coins

…and so much more, including news, interviews, latest issues, and auction results.

'2 for 1' offer available in both print and digital editions.