Stamp & Coin Mart April 2017

We celebrate the 'Pony Express' mail service, discuss 1940 stamps, PLUS a guide to the recently discovered Bennington coin hoard ... Read More >>

On Sale: 10 Mar 2017

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Here is what you can expect in our April issue:

  • We travel across the Atlantic and back in time to the 1850s to celebrate the unique 'Pony Express’ mail service which changed the country forever
  • In our GB stamps pages, we tell the story behind the 1940 stamps issued to mark the centenary of the first adhesive postage stamp
  • Our coins section provides an insight into the coinage of the Normans, who arrived on these shores 950 years ago.
  • A guide to the recently discovered Bennington coin hoard
  • Another award-winning stamp exhibit, this time on the German Private Posts of the 1870s and 1880s

Plus, the usual mix of news, views, market advice and new issues, April’s Stamp & Coin Mart is a must-read!