2016 stamps

Discover the many stamps issued around the world during 2016 and don't miss the in-depth 'New Stamps' listings in every issue of Stamp & Coin Mart magazine.

Aland stamps

Aland Post and the USPS are among the first to reveal the designs of their 2016 festive stamps. ...


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The six Einstein/Hawking stamps

Isle of Man Post Office has issued a set of six stamps to mark 100 years of Professor Albert Einstein’s general ...


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NOK 33 value

Norway celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Norwegian Meteorological Institute on a new pair of stamps. ...


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Team GB stamps

The Isle of Man Post Office has issued a set of stamps for Team GB ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games. ...


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Australia Post

Australia Post has marked the Queen's 90th birthday with two stamps which celebrate both the Queen and her ...


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Dockyard Museum stamps

The Falkland Islands' Historic Dockyard Museum is the subject of four new stamps from Falkland Islands Post. ...


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San Marino Europa 2016 stamp

San Marino has become the latest country to issue a stamp on the Europa 2016: 'Ecology in Europe: Think Green' ...


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Canada Post Black History Month stamp

Canada Post has issued a stamp to honour the black soldiers who served their country during World War One, in the ...


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The four seasons of the year represented by different colour schemes

Liechtenstein Post has released details of its SEPAC 2016 stamp, which ties in with this year's common theme of ...


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The stamp celebrates the Monaco Grand Masters, which has been played since 1897

Monaco Post has marked the forthcoming 2016 Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament with a stamp showing a bird's ...


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Star Trek, Shirley Temple and Pets are just some of the many subjects to be celebrated on USA stamps in 2016… ...


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The stamps feature Rio 2016 mascots Tom and Vinicius

Brazil Post has issued the final eleven stamps in its 31-stamp Rio 2016 series. ...


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