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Hong Kong Shopping Streets stamps

A set of six stamps from Hong Kong Post portray street life with images featuring busy shops and markets in Hong ...


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Tubli letters stamp from Switzerland

Swiss Post have issued a single stamp and miniature sheet this month marking the 150th anniversary of the nation’s ...


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Patagonian Toothfish Falkland Islands coin

The plight of endangered fish is the subject of the first ever titanium coin released on behalf of the Falkland ...


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The world's first origami stamp

The world's first ever origami stamp has been issued by Correos, the Spanish postal service, and can be folded ...


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Pitcairn Island maps through the centuries

The Pitcairn Islands has announced the release of four new stamps which focus on different maps of the islands ...


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Guernsey Folklore stamps, copyright Guernsey Post

A selection of old tales from Guernsey’s past are the focus of six new stamps, a miniature sheet and associated ...


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Crabeater Seal £2 coin from British Virgin Islands, Pobjoy Mint

A mother seal and her pup feature on a new coin from British Antarctic Territory, produced by Pobjoy Mint as part ...


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Portrait of Britain coins - 10 Downing Street

Two engravers at The Royal Mint have teamed up to produce watercolour-style designs for the latest in the Mint’s ...


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BVI sea creatures stamps

New definitive stamps from the British Virgin Islands feature some of the creatures that you might see while ...


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USA's 2017 Disney stamps

The US Postal Service (USPS) is celebrating ‘the rich legacy of the Walt Disney Studios Ink & Paint Department’ ...


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Gibraltar sovereignty £5 stamp

Gibraltar Post have issued a high value stamp and a four-stamp miniature sheet to mark the fiftieth anniversary of ...


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Trans-Australian Railways stamps

Australia Post has marked the centenary of the completion of the transcontinental railway between Port Augusta, in ...


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