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Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve featured on new stamps from Gibraltar Post


Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve, which makes up forty percent of the upper part of the famous Rock of Gibraltar, is featured on a set of six stamps from Gibraltar Post.

This protected nature reserve was established in 1993 and contains rare flora and fauna which are protected under Gibraltar law. The six stamps feature colour photos of different parts of the reserve, including the siege tunnels, the 71m long Windsor Bridge, the Apes' Den and the cable cars.

The stamps were designed by Stephen Perera, who has produced a number of stamp issues for Gibraltar Post.

The flora and fauna of Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve

The Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve is known for its semi-wild population of Barbary macaques and is an important resting point for migrating birds heading south or returning north. The purpose of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve is to preserve the wildlife and natural and historical sites, while providing access to both locals and tourists.

Mammals protected within the reserve include the red fox, European rabbit and mouse-eared bat. The cliffs around the reserve house joint pine, dwarf fan palm, sweet alison, Biscutella and wild parsley.

Distinctive plants include the Gibraltar candytuft, white Gibraltar chickweed, Gibraltar saxifrage and Gibraltar thyme. The Gibraltar campion is a very rare species found only on Gibraltar and was thought for a while to be extinct.

Issue details

Issue date: 30 September 2017

Design: Stephen Perera

Illustration/photography: Jonathan Pointer

Printer: BPost Security Printers

Print process: Offset lithography

Stamp size: 50mm x 30mm

To order the stamps, visit the Gibraltar Post website.

(image copyright Gibraltar Post)

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