Smiths Nooteboom from Oxford Diecast will really help stretch your budget

Oxford Diecast Scania Topline Nooteboom Low Loader - Smiths, Bridgend

SCALE: 1/76
PRICE: £23.95  

Smiths Heavy Haulage is a division of Smiths Mechanical Services based in Bridgend in South Wales. The firm’s low loader transport heavy haulage arm has the capability for transporting gargantuan loads across the UK and beyond, with its predominantly Scania fleet and Nooteboom extending trailers.

Oxford's 1/76 scale model of the Smiths Scania Topline low-loader is registered CN66 DKK, representing one of the real truck in the fleet, and this particular vehicle also features prominently on the company's current website.

Smiths eye-catching red, black and white colour scheme is replicated beautifully, with a black cab interior and additional external extras, including six roof-mounted spotlights above the windscreen and two chrome roof mounted air horns. The Nooteboom low-loader is decorated in red and orange including an extending red flatbed section.

A marvellous model that lends itself perfectly to multiple load display possibilities.